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The Top 5 Reasons Puzzles Make the Perfect Christmas Gift

The Top 5 Reasons Puzzles Make the Perfect Christmas Gift

Do you want to get the perfect gift for your friends and family?  We explore why all types of puzzles make the perfect Christmas gift.  The benefits of puzzles include education, entertainment and are great fun to complete.  Let’s look at a few examples.

Puzzle have been given as gifts since their earliest recorded history, legends tell how puzzles were given to neighbouring dynasties, to wives from husbands (see our stories Interlocking Puzzles, History and Origins) and as wedding presents (see our stories Puzzle Rings and Things).

The Ah Ha Factor

When the last piece of a puzzle is placed studies show that the brain receives a reward trigger which can described as the ah ha moment.  Similarly, when you solve a complex puzzle, there is great satisfaction on having worked through all the clues and solving it.  The brain receives an impulse of gamma band activity 0.3 second prior to solving a puzzle which scientifically has been shown as the ah ha moment.  There are many studies and versions of the ah ha moment using both left and right sides of the brain or a combination of the two.     


Puzzles are a great way to build many skills, such as logic, problem solving and strengthen our cognitive functions, some puzzles build dexterity, others build our attention to detail, our memory and our patience and ability to see things through to the end.  Many puzzles origins were based on trying to teach new information in a different and engaging method. 


Puzzles are a great form of entertainment and what better way than to complete a puzzle or play a puzzle game with the family during the Christmas break.  Puzzles often take practice and patience to get them right, unlike toys that can wane in use quickly. We often need things to do during our holiday breaks especially if the weather turns bad.

Travel Friendly

Puzzles are easy to take with you on travel holidays and can make a great distraction in the car during long road trips.  Avoid the “are we there yet” echoes from your car this season.  There are even jigsaw puzzle storage items that can make it easy for you to move partially completed puzzles, so no need to start again. 

Long Lasting

Puzzles can often be done again and again, making them value for money with average costs from $5-50.  Consider this against the price of going to the movies which only provides about 2 hours entertainment.  Puzzles can take around 2-20 hours to complete depending on size and complexity and the repeat value factor makes their life cycle quite long compared to toys.  Puzzles can be shared amongst family members and friends and can be swapped or resold with other puzzle lovers.

Puzzles are often easy to wrap, have developed to include solving crime or problems, escape room based and have colour changing technology or glow in the dark variations. 

In summary for a great Christmas and new year break a puzzle is entertaining, educating, rewarding, fun for the whole family and provides hours of fun for a fairly minimal investment.