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Host a Kids Puzzle Party

Puzzle Facts

Looking for something different for your next kids party?  Have you thought about hosting a puzzle themed party?  We all know puzzles are fun, but did you know that puzzles help children, build their creativity, challenge and develop problem solving skills, assist in developing balance and increase eye/hand coordination.  So, why not host a party that’s fun but also educates and stimulates all involved. 

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The History of Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzle Facts Puzzle History

Cast your mind back in time to the 1760’s, your name is John Spilsbury and you are an engraver and a map maker.  You call England your home and you are an apprentice to the royal cartographer under King George the Third.  Life is simple many toys and games are made from wood and there are not too many to choose from.  Children’s publishing is starting to grow, and education is done in small schools with limited visual aids.

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How Rubik Got His Cube?

Puzzle History

Can you believe that it’s been almost 50 years since Hungarian Architecture Professor, Erno Rubik, a puzzle enthusiast from a young age, took his passion for geometry and created one of the most popular puzzles in history in 1974.

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